Data Integration for the Industrial Internet

Sami Zeitoun, Director of Solutions Engineering, Attunity

Tue. May 20, 2014 6:30pm
New York City
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Sami Zeitoun

Director of Solutions Engineering, Attunity

Data Integration for the Industrial Internet

It's no secret. The Industrial Internet is changing the way we work. This convergence of machine and intelligent data with advanced analytics is forging new territory rife with opportunity. So, in the age of the Industrial Internet how do you ensure that your business can keep its competitive edge? Do you have a plan for incorporating ALL of your enterprise data for analytics initiatives, considering a) the high volume and demand of data today b) the various types of data you'll need to support and c) the various sources you'll need to access the data from - ie sensors, machines, clouds and more?

Moving the data from one platform to another, for business intelligence (BI), analytics, distribution or migration, is often rife with challenges. For starters, one often has to contend with performance issues such as low-bandwidth pipes not built for Big Data, outdated and slow batch-oriented processes such as ETL, complex custom scripting that costs time and money, and working through a myriad of different enterprise systems. Put plainly, 'Big Data' often becomes a 'Big Headache'.

In this session, attendees will learn best practices for driving real-time reporting with ever-changing data, automating data integration set up and configuration from multiple sources, and speeding the data replication and loading process to and from major platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, HP Vertica, Pivotal, Teradata and Amazon Redshift.

Sami Zeitoun

Director of Solutions Engineering,

Sami Zeitoun is the Director of Solutions Engineering at Attunity where he holds a critical role in ensuring customer integration success.

He has a deep background in data replication having held numerous roles within engineering and product management at Attunity. As a key member of the product integration team, Sami understands the trends and present-day needs of customers working with big data across various platforms.

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