Scalable Real Time Streaming with High Performance NoSQL SQL Queues

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, Founder & CEO, 60East Technologies

Thu. Oct. 1, 2015 6:30pm
New York City
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Jeffrey M. Birnbaum

Founder & CEO, 60East Technologies

Scalable Real Time Streaming with High Performance NoSQL SQL Queues

This session is geared towards people who are interested in staying relevant in the innovative and fast-paced world of real time data challenges.

In this session we will share insights into how to solve a range of big data and grid-like problems utilizing the world's first high performance computing queue.

Does your projects need fast pub-sub messaging? SQL data retrieval? NoSQL object storage? Low-latency data aggregation? Data queuing, querying and filtering? To build complex distributed applications in the real world, you need all of these, and you need them all to work together with no wasted overhead or latency.

Do not miss this opportunity to see our Wall Street technology pioneer, Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, describe practical innovations in high-performance computing that minimize the burden and complexity of databases systems while providing massive-scalability that can keep up as microchips, networks and storage technologies improve.

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum

Founder & CEO,
60East Technologies

Jeffrey is a seasoned executive and software developer with over 25 years of experience. Named one of the top 10 CIOs on Wall Street by Securities Technology Monitor, Jeffrey has worked at the largest Wall Street firms in the world, where he created compute and application programming infrastructures used to build high-performance, real-time electronic trading and risk systems.

In 2006, Jeffrey set out to create the Advanced Message Processing System specifically designed to lower the burden of developing high-performance end-user applications by combining modern parallel programming techniques with advances in multicore systems, low latency networking and storage hardware. Jeffrey holds a BS in Electrical Computer Engineering from University of California Santa Barbara. He began his career as a systems engineer in the Aerospace industry.

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