Scaling Mobile Apps to Manage 10,000+ Geo-Spatial Database Ops/Sec

Lukas Sliwka, Chief Technical Officer, Grindr

Tue. Mar. 29, 2016 6:30pm
New York City
Free beer, junk food, swag and much more!

Lukas Sliwka

Chief Technical Officer, Grindr

Scaling Mobile Apps to Manage 10,000+ Geo-Spatial Database Ops/Sec

At any minute of the day there are over a million people simultaneously using Grindr, sending 1,200+ chat messages each minute, throughout 196 countries. Behind this massive consumer facing app are monumental scaling challenges; network latency and unpredictable demand can potentially disrupt the high level of service that end-users expect.

Multiple scalability, availability and performance challenges have been overcome by using cutting edge geospatial, machine learning and big data technologies to drive exceptional quality of service.

In this tech talk, you will learn:

  • How Grindr built their backend to handle both predictable and unpredictable loads, including problem detection, failure isolation, deployment and measurement.
  • Which technologies are used to architect a highly advanced and complex geo-spatial environment.
  • How they optimized resources, including staff and technology services.

Lukas Sliwka

Chief Technical Officer,

Lukas Sliwka is the CTO at Grindr LLC, responsible for creating a highly effective and innovative engineering organization. He is the catalyst for the team's agile transformation while leading the effort to completely redesign Grindr's global services and mobile client architectures. Lukas evolved Grindr to a highly personalized experience to more than 1 million active hourly users across 196 countries.

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