Developers Guide to Distributed Databases

Trek Palmer, Chief Engineer, NuoDB

Tue. Sep. 30, 2014 6:30pm
New York City
Free junk-food, swag, beer, drinks & win a Raspberry Pi B+ with Dev Kit!

Trek Palmer

Chief Engineer, NuoDB

Developers Guide to Distributed Databases

The strengths and weaknesses of a single-server monolithic database are well known. Now, many applications are moving over to a distributed model. But the conversation has focused mainly on how to leverage multi-host databases for performance and scaling.

This talk will focus on the other benefits a distributed database bestows on applications developers. Learn about distributed architectures and how systems like the peer-to-peer database can:

  • Make development easier
  • Simplify application architecture
  • Eliminate complicated middle ware
  • Reduce the complexity of deployment and maintenance
  • And generally help all you brave technologists building globally distributed applications!

If you're interested in learning about or developing distributed systems, then this talk is for you!

Trek Palmer

Chief Engineer,

Trek Palmer, Chief Engineer at NuoDB, refugee from academia, escapee from giant corporations, finds himself stranded on startup island with only his knowledge of concurrent and distributed systems and curmudgeonly joie de vivre to defend himself against the giants of the database universe. His past is checkered. Years were spent as an academic, researching programming languages and formal specification of concurrent systems. At Intel, he acquired expertise in transactional memory and JVM implementation, and sold his body and mind to corporate america to work on enterprise-grade distributed storage systems.

Now he's escaped, and hoping his deep systems knowledge and passion for concurrent design will be enough for him to cut through to the mysterious heart of startup island. Join him for another leg in his perilous journey!

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