Autonomous Database Self-Management with End-User Transparency

Oren Eini, CEO & Founder, Hibernating Rhinos

Thu. Feb. 7, 2019 6:30pm
New York City
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Oren Eini

CEO & Founder, Hibernating Rhinos

Autonomous Database Self-Management with End-User Transparency

In this exciting presentation, Oren will explore the next natural phase of economical administration to significantly reduce human supervision. It is a combination of two intertwined themes: mature database self-management and transparency to end users.

Mature database self-management is achieved by a set of autonomous database behaviors, including continuous detection of the cluster's state, smart shuffling of data and tasks in the cluster, learning about the operational environment, and automatic introduction and management of indexes.

Transparency to end users is gained by features like invisibility of auto-indexing to applications, and a tight integration between cluster nodes and clients, so that clients would not be alarmed by automatic failure-recoveries.

A database that intelligently organizes itself and resolves its own issues and shields its end-users from unnecessary alarms will exempt its administrator from many daily hassles.

In principle, non-relational databases are economical creatures; they are designed to do what is needed within the resources that are available. But it is also important to avoid wasting money, time, computing power and human effort - and for that you need autonomous database behaviors. This presentation will teach you exactly how to do that!

Oren Eini

CEO & Founder,
Hibernating Rhinos

Oren Eini, CEO and Founder of Hibernating Rhinos, has more than 20 years of experience in the development world with a strong focus on the Microsoft and .NET ecosystem.

Recognized as one of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals since 2007, Oren is also the author of DSLs in Boo: Domain Specific Languages in .NET. He frequently speaks at industry conferences such as DevTeach, JAOO, QCon, Oredev, NDC, Yow! and Progressive.NET. An avid blogger, you can also find him under his pseudonym as Ayenda Rahien at

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